Understanding THCV – The Trio You Didn’t Know You Needed

So, what the heck is THCV? THCV is different from the more well-known cannabis compound, Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), because it doesn’t produce psychoactive effects. Studies on rodents have shown that THCV can reduce appetite, increase the feeling of fullness, and boost energy metabolism, making it a promising option for weight loss, keeping the munchies away, and potentially managing type 2 diabetes.

THCV has distinct properties compared to THC in terms of controlling blood sugar levels, glucose metabolism, and regulating energy. It has also shown promise in addressing dyslipidemia (abnormal lipid levels) and glycemic control in type 2 diabetes, with reduced fasting glucose levels observed in THCV-treated individuals. THCV has several advantages, including neuroprotection, appetite suppression, glycemic control, and fewer side effects, making it a potential candidate for future therapeutic development for life-threatening diseases.

Smokiez x THCViva | Sweet & Sour Cherry 1:1:1 Fruit Chews

Our friends over at THCViva gave these delicious fruit chews a try, and here’s what they had to say:

On its own, THCV is an uplifting stimulant that crafts an experience previously un-had by cannabis users. It’s fast, euphoric, and focus-driven, though there is no evidence of it raising anxiety levels. That’s huge for the community of cannabis lovers who don’t like the feelings of anxiety or paranoia associated with some strains…” “Though you can still feel the THC, THCV helps to create a more clear-headed experience, eliminating the brain fog and couch-lock symptoms you sometimes get with THC products.Read more here

From our own experience, this brand new trio produces a clear-headed and relaxed high. Handcrafted to perfection with our classic Smokiez vegan recipe, we can genuinely say they taste delicious too. Visit our product finder to find some Smokiez x THCViva Fruit Chews near you, give them a try and tell us how you felt! ☺

* Disclaimer – this article was written based on a study done by the NIH, these statements were not approved by the FDA. Article Source Here

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